Can You Make Extra Money On The Side?

We all want to make money right? Can you make extra money on the side easily? Some of us need just a little (the less experienced among us might even think they can live on love!) while some of us have decided we need a WHOLE lot of cashola!!

Wherever you fall between those two extremes, there are answers here for you.

Not sure if you should go back to full time work? Join the club!! Here’s a list of the pros and cons of full-time work that I wrote when I was trying to decide which direction to head.  This article lives on my other blog

Interested in working from home? There are so many options it’s mind-blowing!! Party plan, Virtual Assistant, Article Writing, Import/Export, Selling on eBay, Business Consulting. Click on each of these links and see just how many choices you have! How about earning an income online (this could come under the working from home heading. I prefer to imagine I could do these things working from the park, beach or ancient ruins in Greece!). Again there are just so many choices!! Will you start one or more niche websites and earn money from advertising? Maybe start an online store on Do you know how to set up basic websites like the one you’re reading now? Sell your services creating websites for small business. Or develop iPhone apps for Restaurants! Or how about a freelance writing gig for an online magazine or even start your own blog?!?! Try out these pages. Get a cold drink, set aside an hour, put your feet up and go through them each one-by-one until you find something that’s for you. When you want to make extra money on the side, you need to do a bit of work to find your ‘thing’ first. Don’t discard any options with an “I could never do that – is she mad?” You can do any of the items listed on this page. Every single one of them, as long as you have half a brain! Just imagine anything is possible for a minute and pick something!! Then take the next step to actually get started. Leave a note in the comments to tell me what you’re up to. Use the contact form to send me a note if you find you need some help or some advice. Hell, even if you just need a “you can do this” email sent back!! Everyone needs a cheer squad when they are starting something new – let me be yours!!

Garage Sales: What To Sell At Your Garage Sale?

What to sell at your garage sale?

Despite it being called a garage sale, you can’t really sell your garage!  But if you’re wondering what to sell at your garage sale, read on!

There is an almost unlimited number of things a person can sell at a garage sale.  Pretty much, as long as it is legal to sell something, you can include it on the day.  Selling your children at the garage sale probably will not go over well with the authorities, no matter how adorable (or naughty) they are!

Obviously you can’t sell your everyday trash because probably no one will want it, and it just might stink!

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure though.  You’d be surprised what you’ll stick out for sale that will sell at your garage sale.  And things that you think are great will still be with you at the end of the day!  lf you have items that you are planning to throw out or give away, consider including them on the day, just in case someone else is looking for that exact item.  It might seem useless to you but it could be exactly the thing that someone else needs.

When considering what to sell at your garage sale, one thing is almost certain, no one wants your used underwear!

What To Sell At Your Garage Sale

Basic items that most people own and that are in demand are:

•Adult and young adult clothes.

•Baby clothes, books, shoes and toys.

•Board games and train sets.

•Footwear, shoes and boots. Socks aren’t typically sought after!

•Sporting and workout equipment.

•Bicycles (Can be broken or damaged, people often need bicycle parts. Older bikes are very sought after).

•Tools and power tools.

•Electronics – modern era stuff sells better and brings higher prices, but all era electronics have a market.

•Furniture and kitchen appliances.

•Pots, pans, dishes, glassware and utensils.

•Books, tapes, records, CDs, DVDs and video games.

•Jewellery, watches and clocks. You should probably sell the expensive stuff at a store or online beforehand.

•Gardening equipment.

These are just some basic items that most people have laying around the house, whether you wish to sell your items is up to you.  You’ll find if you can include a couple of the above when you advertise your sale you’ll have more people attend.  Tools are a particular draw – I can’t explain enough how this increases your garage sale visitors!

So, what are some unique items that can be sold that most people don’t realize are wanted?  Broken electronics, tools, furniture, collectables and a number of other damaged goods can be sold to be rebuilt or for parts.  Broken toys aren’t typically wanted unless they are vintage, which means they can often be restored or used for parts.

The couch sitting in your garage with the broken leg might not seem sellable, but someone on a budget and currently sitting on the floor in the loungeroom sees a perfectly fine living room couch.  There are many people out there who want your broken items, just be sure to mark that they are broken if you do decide to sell them.

Honesty is always the best policy when you are considering what to sell at your garage sale.  You don’t want anyone banging on your door the next day when they discover a previously hidden breakage!

What you sell at your garage sale is ultimately your own choice.

Depending on whether you are selling items to make more room in your house or if you are trying to make money on the side, you may have a lot of items or just a few for sale.  To get the highest $$ for your items check out the preparation section of my Garage Sale Etiquette
book on Amazon.  It will help you to prepare your items as best as possible and explain how to best present them on the day of your sale.

When deciding what to offer for sale from your garage just remember you can’t sell anything you don’t own.  We had a lot of fun pretending to offer our neighbours boat for sale when we were getting ready for our Life Changing Year adventure.

I’m not sure he was super amused but it made us laugh all day!

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Garage Sales Are Really Boring. Should You Still Hold One?

Garage sales are boring!

It doesn’t take a genius to imagine that a garage sale could be a very boring activity!  Working for hours beforehand preparing all the items for sale and moving the items to the area where they will be sold could definitely seem boring to lots of people.

Then, standing around for hours, taking all the leftover items back inside and possibly not making enough money to make the day seem worth it is also crappy.  The thought of doing all this and not making much cash could definitely put some people off.

With all that said, why put on a garage sale at all?  It seems like your life would be better if you just gave everything to charity and spent the rest of your weekend browsing Facebook and playing Candy Crush!

As much as I love Facebook, I don’t think this is the best advice for clearing out your clutter!

Preparation Can Make Garage Sales A Lot More Fun!

Garage sales might seem boring but you can easily make a fun day (or days) out of it with the proper planning and ideas.  The better your preparation, the more chance you’ll be kept busy and sell a lot of your stuff!

The more you promote your sale, the more people that will attend and the busier you’ll be.  I included the best promotion tips in my Garage Sale Etiquette eBook as well as a heap of ideas to make your garage sale run as smoothly as possible.  I actually find garage sales really fun but many people need a hand to make it so!

Garage sales can be an event, a community gathering, and a learning experience.  Anything you want it to be really.  It’s up to you how much effort you’re prepared to put into it and how successful you want your garage sale to be.

Why just stand around while people browse your garage sale?  Converse with them, talk about the items, and find out what knowledge they have about your own items that you don’t know.  I’ve found that the more you chat with someone the more likely they are to feel comfortable about asking the price of something you have for sale.

I’m not talking about pouncing on them as soon as they arrive, but saying a friendly hello and making them feel relaxed is an easy way to make them feel comfy in your selling space.

Have your kids sell their old toys at your garage sale so they can get new toys in the future.  Have them make and sell cold drinks or BBQ’d sausages to keep your customers happy during a hot day.  Your kids will have a learning experience, your garage sale visitors will be happy, and happy people buy more!

A good way to have a fun garage sale is to hold it with your neighbours.  A large garage sale with multiple houses will not only attract more people, but it will create a much better atmosphere.  It will also give you a chance to bond with your neighbours too. You’ve been living in your neighbourhood for how long and you don’t even know who lives across the street from you?  Time to get off of Facebook and Candy Crush and actually socialize with other humans methinks!

Make a party out of it.  Bring out chairs and bake some cookies or brownies which you can give away or sell.  Play some music, hang up a banner or get some balloons, make your garage sale look like a party rather than a boring garage sale.  Not only will it attract people, it will make the experience of being there a lot more pleasurable for both them and you.  Don’t go overboard though – you don’t want to add a heap more work to your day.  Do the easy and fun stuff only!

At the end of the day, making a garage sale fun is completely up to the person, family or families holding the garage sale.  You might as well make it fun if you are going to be sitting there all day, but you do not have to go overboard nor do you have to do what other people say.  It is your garage sale, something you have taken time out of your day to do, do it how you please.

I would never let the prospect of a day spent being bored put me off the chance to make a bit of extra cash!

And as far as I’m aware there are no garage sale fun police!

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Making Money Online: Does The Cash Count As Income For The Tax Man?

cash count as income

If you’re making money online, then it’s all too easy to pocket that money, pay off your debts, buy new shoes, restock your refrigerator or have a great night out.  Then there’s that nagging doubt – should you be paying tax on this?  Does this need to be declared or is this all mine?

It’s easy to bury your head in the sand and pretend it isn’t happening but these things have a habit of coming back and biting you, especially if you bring in more than just a couple of bucks.

Rules regarding income tax are complex, and vary between countries, states or provinces so it is always best to check with your local tax office to be sure.  However, in principle, the rules are similar throughout the world.

Not all income is taxable, and there is a minimum income level each year under which you do not have to pay any tax.  The overarching rule for income tax in most countries is also pretty much the same – if you receive income, the government will want a share.

It may not seem fair but that’s a different argument.

What, therefore, classes as income?

As a general rule, if your activities are intentionally making a profit, then that profit will be taxable, although there may be some allowances which will reduce the amount of tax you need to pay specific to your individual location.

If you are charging for any service which you provide, whether online or out in the real world, then you will need to pay tax for any income received.

If you are buying things with the intention of selling them for profit, or if you are making items to sell, then this will attract income tax.  Most countries will allow you to offset your expenditure in making these items.  For example, if you make and sell $1,000 of jewellery, but it cost you $800 in materials, you would likely only be liable for the $200 profit.  If you make an overall loss, or no profit, then you would likely still need to declare the income and expenditures but would not have to pay any tax.

This would also be a big hint to raise your prices and revisit your business plan!

If you are having a clear down at home or selling your worldly goods on eBay, this will not attract income tax as these were not purchased with the intention of making a profit so would not attract income tax (even if you do make a profit).  Does this cash count as income?  No.

As with all taxes, income tax is tricky and if you are selling goods, a sales or value-added tax (VAT) may also be applicable, although typically you have to exceed a set figure before you need to charge this.  Even then, not all items attract this tax.  A quick check online will likely tell you if what you are selling (including services) would attract the tax and when you need to start paying.

If you’ve been an employee your whole life and have never made any money from your own business ventures you might be a little intimidated by the whole taxation thing.  Don’t let this deter you from starting a business or making a little extra cash on the side.

Do your research.  It shouldn’t take you too long.  If you already use a tax advisor for your every day affairs you could easily pick their brain about what paperwork you need to keep and how much tax you will need to pay.

Work out what records you have to keep and get a cheap and easy way to record everything.  I use a good old spreadsheet since I don’t have that many transactions.  This makes it easy to fill in and it costs me nothing but a bit of my time!  When I keep exceptionally accurate records it helps to keep my tax liability down.

I put a little bit of money aside from every amount that I earn online so that when tax time comes around I’m not working just to pay my tax bill!  The account is there explicitly for that purpose – it gives me peace of mind when dealing with taxes!

So.  Online income is definitely taxable as with any other money that you make.  Be sure of what you can claim and keep great records.  Put a little aside to cover your tax each time you are paid.

Now you just have to work out how to make more money online!

Should Extra Cash Go Towards Paying Debt Down Or Buying Pizza?

Paying debt down should be a priority for those with credit cards.Many of us have built up some debt for one reason or another, so when we get some extra cash, should we be using this towards paying debt down or is this ‘purse cash’?  That is, cash which we can use for whatever we like?  Maybe even to buy pizza?

This really all depends on how much and whether this is a one off or regular cash.  It also depends on the type and amount of debt you have.

If there is always too much month left at the end of your pay, then any extra money seems like a god send.  It’s really easy for it to just disappear on clothes, take away or bits of grocery shopping but if you have debt, there is always that nagging feeling that this could be used to pay it off.  First things first, if you have debt you should always have a plan for paying that back, however long it takes.  Assuming that is in place, how much difference will that make and is this really just a one off cash windfall?

If you expect to get this extra cash once in a while, such as overtime, or there was just less to pay for this month, then you would be better off putting this into a savings account to build up a slush fund.  A slush fund is a pot of money put aside to pay for unexpected expenses, such as when the car needs repairs or the washing machine eats all of the kids’ school uniforms.  That way, you don’t increase your debt when these come up.  Set yourself a ceiling, for example $1,000.  Any balance over this, at the end of the month, you can transfer to the credit card with the highest interest rate.

It also depends on how much extra money you have.  Let’s be honest, an extra $20 isn’t going to make much difference to $50,000 of debt so would be better off in a savings account (NOT IN THE PIZZA MAN’S POCKET!)  A $15,000 windfall would make a sizeable dent in this debt and it should be applied to your debts as soon as you can log into your internet banking!

If you’re one of those lucky people who end up with extra money every month, well done; that’s a difficult job for most of us.  And let’s face it.  In most cases it’s not luck.  It’s hard work and strict budgeting!  Congrats on getting yourself to this point!  For me it took 35 years!

What you should do with this extra monthly cash depends on the type of debt you have.  If you have debt which is managed and has an agreed end date, such as a loan, then work out what percentage you would be paying off.  If you would be significantly bringing forward the date you pay it off, and therefore reducing the interest you pay, then go ahead and increase those payments every month; if it would barely touch it, then save it in your slush fund.

What about unmanaged debt, such as credit cards?  These usually have a much higher interest rate and it’s all too easy to only pay the minimum payment.  This is one account you should prioritise when paying debt down.  Work out when you will actually pay off your debts just making the minimum payment?  It will likely be many years.  In these instances, it is almost always worth using any extra cash to pay off that debt.  Every extra 20 bucks you pay on a credit card debt makes a difference to your overall interest payment and should be done on the day you get the extra money in your hot little hand!

When we paid off our debt we chose the credit cards with the highest interest first.  Anytime I had an extra few dollars I transferred it to those cards straight away!

One thing I will say about little cash windfalls is to never spend a cash present such as birthday money on your debt.  Unless you’ve received thousands in which case ignore this advice!  If you get $50 or $100 for your birthday (and some adults still do) then spend it on something for yourself.  A treat or something you’ve had your eye on for a while.  The big difference between people who stick to their budgets and those that don’t is being able to treat themselves occasionally so they don’t feel like a slave to their budget.

So treat yourself.  Then get straight back to budgeting!

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Check out our very first guide on ways to make 50 bucks online.

Make Money Filling In Surveys Online – Online Way #1

Learn how to make money filling in surveys online

Surveys are an interesting phenomenon of the internet. If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably gotten spam emails at some point or have seen advertisements about how you can make money filling in surveys online.  Sounds like one of the easiest possible jobs, right?  A doofus maximus can fill out a survey.  Surveys are certainly a way to make money from home, in your spare time, or even at your current job when you aren’t doing anything important!  (Bahahaha!)

Making money from online surveys sounds a little too good to be true to some people and they wonder, is there a catch?  You can easily profit from online surveys, but how much profit there is to be made is where the catch is.  You'll be spending a fair amount of time to earn just a few bucks.  But don't let that turn you off from online surveys.  If you have time on your hands, all the little amounts of cash will soon add up.  There is definitely the odd $50 to be made if you stay at it.

First let's talk about what to avoid when you try to make money filling in surveys online!

Before you can start making money from surveys, you have to join a site that will send you the latest surveys.  There is certainly not a shortage of these websites.  You do need to be aware that a couple of these are actually scams.  They are pretty easy to avoid though and we'll explain how in a minute.  It is differentiating between the sites that give little payouts and big payouts that can be really difficult.  Finding the bigger paying sites will have you well on your way to earning an extra 50 bucks!

Now, what should you look out for in sites that are really scams?  For starters we should point out that some sites and companies might not necessarily be complete scams.  They are just a little confused on who is meant to be making the money!  

Signs that your online survey company is really a scam:

    • If a survey website advertises that you must buy something to make more money taking surveys, it should be avoided.
    • If a site requires a membership fee it should be avoided.
    • If you are required to provide more information than normal your scam radar should be set off and you should avoid the site.  Things to look out for are requests for a tax or social security number.  Requests for credit card details are a no-no too (even to confirm your identity or age).  Signing up with your PayPal details should be enough to confirm who you are and that you are big enough to play!
    • Now some legit sites might ask you to buy something, but it would not be from them.  Personally I avoid all sites like this too - I'm not on their mailing list so I can buy stuff from them!  I want them to send cold hard cash to my PayPal account!
    • Sites that ask you to pay a fee so you can refer your friends and earn extra cash should be avoided.  Once again - this should be a free service!
    • Sites that tell you that you can earn $2000 per week are probably scams.  Sorry, but it's not my experience that you can make that kind of money filling in onlilne surveys!
    • Sites that do not clearly state how you will be paid are often dodgy too.  You should be able to see that money will be transferred to your PayPal account or bank account after you reach certain earnings.  Usually this is $25 or $50.

Never give out your phone number to online survey companies even if you consider them trustworthy.  This is one of the easiest ways to find extra telemarketers on your phone.  Many survey companies will sell your details to others for either phone, email or mail annoyance - Don't blame them, they just can't help themselves!

OK, I went through the scam stuff first so that you wouldn't rush ahead and sign up with the dodgy companies without knowing what was out there!  Now it's safe to tell you exactly how to go about making money with online surveys.  

Are you ready?

​Here are a few trusted websites that I have used to make money filling in surveys online.  You should start with these ones first and then move on to some others.  

A few trusted websites for online surveys

Harris Polls

PineCone Research

 Opinion Outpost

Survey Savvy

Zoom Panel

My View

Opinion Place

My Opinions


Be aware that you often need to join survey companies in your own country.  When I tried to fill in some surveys while I was on holiday in Malaysia some of my Australian surveys kept telling me I didn't quality for the survey.  I'm sure it is because my IP was outside Australia.  Makes sense since most of the surveys have been about Australian products, services and advertising.  I have a VPN now and this often solves the problem for me.

The first thing you should do is get yourself an email address that you only use for surveys.  Gmail accounts are free and you can sign up for one in just a couple of minutes.  You'll find that you get dozens of emails from survey companies so a separate email is definitely a must.  Trust me, I know!

Now start going through each site and check out their payment terms and what kind of surveys they offer.  Many will add $5 bonus to your new account to get you started when you sign up!  Be sure you are getting paid cash or that you are happy with being paid in gift cards or however the site works.  You can only buy so much stuff from Amazon with a gift card before you start wishing you were getting cash!

Sign yourself up to as many companies as you can stand.  Beware of the sign up process that asks you to tick boxes of other services you are interested in.  These will result in a whole new wave of emails and even telemarketers calling you.  Again, trust me.  I know this from experience!  ​

Next, fill in your account details.  Many companies will pay you a tiny amount to fill in each section of your profile.  So complete the pets part and get $0.10, fill in the vehicle you drive and get $0.25 cents etc.  It doesn't sound like much but it all adds up!  

​Survey sites are notorious for throwing you into the fire without much guidance or with very confusing guidance. You will be tempted to start taking surveys off the bat, as they are thrown right in your face. Avoid doing this - make sure you fill in your profile first.  Some sites are very limited in what they ask, others will want in-depth analysis of your life. The reason for this is so the website can know what surveys you qualify for. If you don’t own a boat, there is no reason for you to take a survey designed for people who own a boat. You will also notice the highest paying surveys (if you are on a site that openly shows them) are usually the most specific surveys.

Once your profile is complete you can start to fill in surveys sent to you and get the hang of them.  Most will give you an estimate of how long they will take and how much you will earn.  You'll probably discover that you don't qualify for many of them as they do a quick demographic check at the start.  Just keep filling out the ones you qualify for and don't worry about the others.  Your $ will soon start to add up and it won't be long before you've earned your first 50 bucks.  

If you have a smart phone and the survey company has an App, download it and use it to fill in some of your surveys.  This has two benefits.  

  1. You can fill in surveys when you are killing time.  Waiting for the kids at the school gate, standing in line at the bank when it's really slow or in your lunch break if you're bored.  ​
  2. The survey company sometimes monitors your mobile use to tailor surveys to you.  They may see where you browse, which apps you regularly use or how often you use your phone in general.  If you don't like things to be monitored then definitely don't use the survey apps!

When you receive emailed surveys remember that there is a cut off time for filling them in.  If you let the email sit for more than 24 hours you'll most likely find that it has already been filled with the required number of participants.  ​

Surveys these days are fairly interesting so you shouldn't find them too tedious.  I've filled in ones where they played TV ads and I had to answer questions, surveys about what I've seen at the cinema recently, questions about the most attractive ad campaign for an upcoming product etc.  Many of them are multimedia so they aren't just written questions which can get boring.  ​

Timed surveys

Surveys are timed, which you should be aware of.  There isn’t a countdown clock in the corner of the screen while you take the survey, but it is timed.  The point of surveys being timed is to see if you are going too fast.  They don’t want people just answering questions randomly to get to the end quickly.  When a survey says its estimated time is 15 minutes, that isn’t a suggestion.  Survey’s will disqualify you from payment or even stop the survey while you are taking it if you went or are going too fast.  Always take your time and take into consideration the time the survey will take compared to the payout.  You might not want 30 cents for a survey that takes 25 minutes.  I certainly don't bother to fill out those ones!  I want at least $1.00 for 10 or 15 minutes otherwise I skip it.

Product Testing

With many companies you will also have the option to sign up for product testing.  This involves going to a physical location and being part of a testing panel to try new products.  Sometimes it is to be part of an opinion panel to give your impressions of a service.  I went to one of these once and was paid $80 for a couple of hours plus they covered my parking in the city.  It was a discussion panel about the taxation system.  It wasn't the most scintillating afternoon I've spent but they fed me lunch 🙂  And I got my $80 and parking voucher on the way out so I didn't even have to wait!

Should you decide to stop doing surveys at some point make sure you've earned enough to cash out your reward.  If you've earned $19 you might as well do a couple more surveys to get yourself to the $25 cashout level - otherwise all the time you spent so far was wasted!​

While I was doing a bit of extra research to make sure I was giving you the best information I came across the Survey Police.  These guys run an awesome site that is respected among survey takers.  There are tons of reviews about survey websites on it so you can check out any site you have questions about.  It's a great place to go if you just want to avoid searching through all the bad websites.  The “panel ranking” section ranks the highest rated sites.  And it splits them by country.  I had absolutely no idea there were so many companies out there!

So this is a super long guide isn't it?  Who knew there was so much to know about surveys?  To help you out here's a checklist to use if you want to make money filling in surveys online.  Follow the steps and you'll have cash in your survey account by the end of the day!​


  • Always take it slow and steady when doing a survey.  Speed kills!  Also make sure to slowly read over a site BEFORE joining to see if it is worth your time.
  • Remember to use a separate email for your surveys.  You'll soon be overwhelmed with the number of emails you receive each day!
  • Product testing pays more and can be fun, but it can also cost you money.

  • Referrals will always get you extra money.  But don’t spam your friends trying to get referrals.  They probably won't appreciate that unless they want to make money from surveys too!

  • Join as many sites as humanly possible.  They do not require you to log in on a regular basis or anything.  You can join up and if you forget to log in for a few weeks, they will not stop sending your surveys or delete your account.

  • Watch out for scams and spam.  Don't ever pay to join a survey site.  EVER.

10 Steps To Earning Money With Online Surveys:

  1. Familiarise yourself with possible online survey scams
  2. Set up a separate email address just for surveys
  3. Sign up with reputable sites that pay in cash
  4. Sign up to as many sites as you can stand
  5. Fill out your profile completely to earn extra $
  6. Download apps for companies you've signed up with
  7. Start filling in surveys in your spare time
  8. Always answer honestly and don't rush through the surveys
  9. Sign up for product testing or consultation panels in your area
  10. Make sure you cash out your money each time you reach a payment threshold

Making Extra Cash: How To Fit A Side Hustle Into Your Weekly Routine.


Making extra cash is easy once you find the time!“I’ve got this great idea to make some extra bucks, if only I had the time”   Have you ever caught yourself saying that?  We’d all like a little extra time in the week, and if we could use that to set ourselves on the road to making extra cash, why not?

It’s all very well saying that, but most of us don’t have that much spare time.  We’re busy playing sport, running kids around and working a tonne of hours each week.  Throw in some housework and some facebook time and the week is gone!

So how can you fit that sneaky side hustle into your weekly routine?  The trick is trying to claim a few extra hours in your week here and there.  One extra hour a day, Monday to Friday, gives you 260 extra hours a year, 2 extra hours a day gives you 520 extra hours – you get the picture.

Here are a few ideas which may work for you:

Could you get up an hour earlier than you do now?  I know!  That bed is all warm and comfy!  An extra hour’s sleep would just hit the spot.  But if you can rouse yourself or are one of those people who, when they are awake, just have to get up, then this gives you an extra hour every day for your side hustle.

Don’t waste this extra hour pottering around drinking coffee and checking your Pinterest boards.  Put the time towards your side hustle!

What about your morning and evening commute?  If you go to work by train or bus, then how long does that take?  That time you normally spend people watching or snoozing – could you put it to better use?  Many of you may already have a tablet computer and if not, they’re not that expensive to pick up.  Could you be using that time to do some extra work?  Even without a tablet, if you have a phone with internet and email capabilities you can do research, send emails, make phone calls and squeeze quite a lot of your side hustle into that time.

You’ll be surprised how much you can do if you put your mind to it!

If you don’t have a commute, or spend it driving, then what about your lunch hour?  Some of us already have a busy lunch hour at the gym, shopping or actually having lunch.  Many of us, however, work through lunch.  Could you spend that time doing personal work?  This will depend on where you are working and what facilities you have but could this let you fit your extra hustle into your daily routine?

What about all that time you spend cooking?  I’m not suggesting that you should ditch the cooking and go for take away, but could you make double quantity meals and freeze/chill some?  This will give you a little more time on those days you don’t need to be cooking meals.  (You might have to ignore me on this one.  I made a New Year’s resolution not to cook dinner for a whole year and I’m currently on day 106!  Yay for no cooking!)

Given that the day is 24 hours long, being able to fit anything extra into your day, including a side hustle, is about looking at your existing day, in particular your regular routine, and seeing where you can save some time each week.  That time soon mounts up and should easily let you fit in a side hustle or two.  Making extra cash is surely worth finding an hour or two a day?

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